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You will be as impressed with our Finance as you are with the vehicles themselves. You will be dealing with people who understand the importance of the control, versatility, safety and performance that Volvo owners demand.

The following are a range of products engineered by our Finance team to suit the needs of your business.


A Corporate Hire Purchase through our Finance is a convenient method to obtain immediate use of the vehicle you need. A Hire Purchase agreement is a contract for the hire of goods with an option to purchase at any time during the agreement. This type of financing is traditionally for the business user and can be approved in the name of an individual or company.


A Finance Lease through our Finance is a flexible way to obtain your new vehicle with little or no capital outlay. In a lease arrangement the financier owns the vehicle or equipment and agrees to lease the vehicle to you for a prescribed amount each month. At the end of the lease agreement, you may, subject to our approval purchase the vehicle for the residual amount. Finance Lease is for the business user.


Our Finance has developed a new, smarter approach to vehicle financing. A solution that offers you the immediate use of a vehicle for your business. We can now provide you with a Chattel Mortgage - a finance product created with your business in mind.

Our Finance Novated Lease product is a three-way agreement between our Finance team, you and your employer. As the employee, you have responsibility for the vehicle and your employer arranges for the monthly payments to be made out of your pre-tax income.

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